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The Vence Tudo Classifier was the idea of a young inventor Nelson Lauxem, who with the idea of producing his own seed and increasing the profitability of his land, designed the Seed Classifier with wooden flaps to clean and grade the most diversified of seeds, in the most versatile and cost effective way. Certainly easy to use and maintain.

The Vence Tudo Classifier, through a combination of sieves and screens, performs with precision, the grading and cleaning of crops such as, soyabeans, maize, wheat, beans, rice, sorghum, canola, sunflower, ginger, alfalfa, chickpeas and many more.

CA-25 Especial
CA-40 Especial
Capacity of Seed per Hour (based on soya)2540
(based on Soya)1010
Dimensions of Sieves50 x 10050 x 200
Height mm16602500
Width mm14001900
Lenght mm15533150
Weight (with motor) kg243560
Motor (optional) 1/22

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